Building and Renovation

About Us

Hughes and Lynn Building and Renovation LC is a small company built around a working partnership that was established over ten years ago. Owners of the business, Steve Hughes and Kevin Lynn work in the Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor areas. As builders they work closely with architects and homeowners to provide them with excellent service and careful craftsmanship.

Hughes and Lynn operate on the fundamental belief that the quality of every project depends on the direct hands-on involvement of the company owners. They’re not the type of builders who sit in the office for most of the day, dealing with fifty different subcontractors and never slipping off their loafers. Hughes and Lynn are involved in all their projects from start to finish. They don’t hire out or subcontract work that they can accomplish and are licensed to do themselves. They’re on the job every day overseeing and participating in the work that’s being accomplished.

Steve Hughes started working in the summer months as a painter while he was still in college. After moving to New Orleans, where he pursued and received a Masters degree in English, he supported himself and his studies by working as a finish carpenter and a rough framer. Upon moving back to Michigan in the mid 90s he started his own renovation business and soon began working with Kevin Lynn who had also just moved back to the area after building log houses in Colorado and working as a tile layer and painter in San Francisco.

Since 1996 Steve and Kevin have been working together to provide high quality service to their customers. They started out doing paint jobs and smaller carpentry and tile projects, but as their business has grown, they have honed and refined their skills. From small detail oriented carpentry or tile projects to quarter million dollar general renovations, Steve and Kevin can make it happen. They are tuned in to their customers and make it their practice not only to get the job done, but to do it right and to make sure everyone is happy. So if you’re thinking of putting an addition on your house, remodeling a basement, kitchen or bathroom, or if you’ve got a commercial space you need renovating. Don’t hesitate to call.

If you’d like references, please ask. You’ll hear it from their customers – Hughes and Lynn are easy to work with, and they do a great job.

Hughes and Lynn interview with Michigan Homes